The Cartoon House is a location in the show. It is also the namesake of the show.

History Edit

The Cartoon House was originally a house that nobody lived in. The neighbors happened to be two kid scientists. They build a rocket to go to different planets and get cartoon to love in this house.

Later, the kids built a Cartoon Machine that transferred cartoons there by making them fall from the sky. Eventually, they used this machine to make every fictional character they knew appear. They expanded the Cartoon House, keeping their room on the very top.

The house continued to grow until, around season eight, it finally reached the moon. Here, they stopped expanding, and built a small vacation home on the moon.

Details Edit

The Cartoon House is a huge hotel that stretches all the way to the moon. It is somewhat dull in appearance. It is mostly comprised of long hallways with rooms where different people live. It has an elevator that is very glitchy. It also extend many floors underground.

Notably on the underground floors is a storage and the Pillow Fight Arena, an illegal arena that is basically wrestling with pillows.

Notably on the above floors are the office, E&E's Restaurant, and everyone's rooms.

Appearances Edit

The Cartoon House was originally the location of every episode. However, the more recent episodes are focused in the nearby Taki Neighborhood.

Particular appearances in recalled episodes include:

Success- Embless and Rief attempt to "overrule" the Cartoon House by building a taller home. Kali and Julian crush their home when they try.

Trivia Edit

  • Considering that the Cartoon House stretches to the moon, it is about 1256640 feet tall. Based on this, the Cartoon House would be approximately 120000 stories tall. The amount of rooms on each floor is exactly twenty. So, there would be somewhere around 2513280 rooms in the house. If four people stayed in each of these rooms, then the Cartoon House could hold over 10000000 people, but that's still less than 1% of the population of Earth.
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