The Cartoon House is a show created by Kikyo Phantomhive alongside her brother, Julius Phantomhive. The show has been running on FToons since 2007 and has already had nine seasons.

Plot Edit

The show is centered around the Cartoon House, an ever-changing giant hotel where every fictional character ever lives, excluding those played by actors (although if a character has been in a fictional work and something with an actor, such as Harry Potter, they do appear, but as a cartoon). It is owned by Kali and Julian, scientific siblings who love to torture the "cartoons" with products like Butt Hot Sauce.

In the newer episodes, a nearby neighborhood, Taki, Neighborhood, exists, which the show tends to focus on more often. A small majority of the cartoons live here. All these cartoons appear to be somehow significant to the series, because the show tends to focus on certain people, such as Link and Embless.

History Edit

Based off of Cartoon Rocket, the show began around 2007, and started off as a somewhat innocent tale of sibling journeying to distant planets to gather characters from shows such as The Secret Saturdays and Dora. These characters would often move into "The Cartoon House" which was a home next to the kid's home.

Later, the kids build a "Cartoon Machine" which transferred cartoons so they didn't have to go to the planets themselves. The Cartoon Rocket still existed, but wasn't used much except to take people home. At one point in the series, they used the Cartoon Machine to transfer all the fictional characters they could think to the Cartoon House.

The show began to center around characters from certain sources, like Inuyasha and Mario.The show continued to show different things, until it was entirely focused on Embless (officially named Matthew) from Golden Sun.

Reception Edit

The show, being the most popular on Ftoons, has had some great ratings from different companies.

Showtastic- 7 out of 10

Mark Smith- 9 out of 10

Ftoon Awards 2008- 1st place for best show on Ftoons and 2nd place for longest-running show, beaten by Crazy Babies (although by 2012 it had been running longer than any show)

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