Chimo is a character from Cartoon House who debuted in season four.

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Chimo is a small Minccino. He's completely black except for his ears, which are pink, and his eyes, which are brown. Unlike normal Minccino, he has small claws. His fur is always greasy and has a somewhat spiky appearance.

His in-game sprite and persona is also a completely black Minccino with spiky fur, though he has big claws and red eyes instead.

Mental Edit

Chimo is a rather reserved person, and keeps info to himself most of the time, rarely revealing his emotions. In real life he seems shy and cold, but online he's social. He's rather cruel, even to some of his fans, and enjoys trolling people. He's obsessed with being the best, and clearly can't stand not being at the very top. He talks in a flat voice and isn't the best at communicating. He prefers to follow his own lead and doesn't enjoy being pushed around. Unlike normal Minccino, he doesn't take any pleasure in cleaning or grooming.

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Chimo was born on Route 5 in Nimbasa City. He lived a happy, normal childhood until he was taken by Shiny Corp from his home. They took him to their lab injected him with something to make his hair turn black so he resembled a melan Pokemon. This was successful, though it seemed to change his behavior from that of a normal Minccino. Before he could be sold off, the Ranger Base saved him and took him to a safer place. However, it clear he wouldn't lead a very good life there, being researched to learn more about Shiny Corp. Jordan took it upon herself to save Chimo by faking his death and bringing him to the Pokemon Daycare.

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Season Nine Edit

Depression and Promotion

Chimo's House

Season Ten Edit

The Teddiursaz


Hellcasters 2 and the Sons of Vale


Stupid Smash Bros. Universe

Chimo Vr. C.I.T.A.

The Grand Convention Part 1 and 2

The Next Zone

The Big Livestream

Shiny Corp

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