Daisekai is a group of islands that consists mainly of Cartoon Island and the Pokemon regions.

History Edit

Daisekai was first mentioned around season six. The developers literally switched the Cartoon House's location because "the show it huge now. No longer can it be fit as some weird house in the neighborhood."

Daisekai was originally the name for the planet that Cartoon House took place on. They decided to name the island group Daisekai instead later.

Details Edit

Daisekai is generally a square of water. On the far left is Cartoon Island, where almost all episodes occur. On the right half of this square is all the Pokemon regions. They are bunched into their respective locations based on Japan. Oblivia is the closest region to Cartoon Island, laying in the center of the map.

Ransei, however, apparantly lies to the west of Cartoon Island, just outside Daisekai.

Appearances Edit

  • Daisekai's first appearance is unknown, but it probably first was used in season six.
  • The first confirmed use of Daisekai was in The Hero of Oblivia.
  • In The Great Nobunaga's Ambition on Takeru's House, Hanbei mentions that Nobunaga might be trying to take over all of Daisekai later on.
  • In Ring, Ring Roxas makes his first appearance since he allegedly escaped Daisekai. Originally, it was that he had escaped the Cartoon House, but in the introduction of Daisekai it was stated that "normal cartoons cannot pass the borders of Daisekai."

Trivia Edit

Daisekai is translated as 大世界, meaning "large world" which is a reference to its original planned use as the name of the entire planet.

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