DDE is a parody of Dance Dance Revolution.

Gameplay Edit

DDE is mainly composed of eight arrows on the ground, which you stomp on as prompted by the screen. There's also four arrow on the screen, which only some maps used. It's a rhythm game where you hit these arrow in time with the music selected. Maps have a difficulty ranking from easy to impossible, and an online scoring system.

The game is popular in both English and Japanese. A best player can't be determined, but champions of certain regions have been, such as the Sinnoh and Cartoon Island champions.

Trivia Edit

  • There's a phenomenon known as "DDE Syndrome" where one will lose their balance while playing the game. This has caused injury and loss of many scores. The reason this happens is unknown, but most say it has to do with the way you play the game. Some say training your balance skills can help prevent this from happening. Also, some people will have it more often than others, some so often they can't play the harder levels of the game,
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