Dark Link
Dark Link
Dark Link, although in the series he never owned both the Master Sword and Shield
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Debut Unknown
Origin Legend of Zelda
Character Information
Character Type/Status Season Five/Nine- Major/Alive
Gender Male

Dark Link is a major character from the Cartoon House.

Details Edit

Physical Edit

Dark Link is Link's dark equivalent. He is similar to Link, but with grey hair, red eyes, a black tunic, and dark skin.

He has two pieces of the triforce on his right hand (wisdom and power) that he gained in The Tower. He once had the third one but lost it, and it is not recalled exactly when he lost it. Also, his right hand has the rare ability to absorb souls.

Mental Edit

Dark Link is quite possibly the most evil character in the series. In season eight, the darks declared peace, but Dark Link continued to practice hostility.

Dark Link is sadistic and often does evil for the sake of others pain. He is expressed as playful, but he can dead serious at times.He is very defiant and refuses to take orders from even Nobody, which has wounded him up in both light and dark prison. He also has a deep-rooted hatred for Link and tries to make his life hell.

Dark Link has a great taste for souls, particularly human ones. He has to eat souls to live like any dark, but he refuses to feed on plant souls and elderly people's dying remains.

Biography Edit

The first recalled events containing Dark Link are early in season five. At this point, he spent most of his time resenting Link and playing tricks on him. He even befriended Dark Pit.

In the later episodes of season five, he was a sort of major commander in Nobody's Army. In Battle of the Swords One and Two, he played a major role in the battle but was shot and killed by a light arrow. He was revived by unrecalled methods.

In The Tower, Link finds that he abducted Zelda and stole her triforce to add it to Ganondorf's. He manages to lure Link in using Zelda and takes the last triforce and the Master Sword, making him extremely powerful.Link presumably takes back his triforce and the Master Sword before Dark Link does any massive damage.

Years later, in Link's Son, Dark Link steals Link's baby and takes him to the Dark World to train him to be evil. Link, Mario, and Lugi track down and find Link's kid and rescue him barely from Dark Link.

In The ULTIMATE Hacker, Dark Link is the leader of an attempt to gather all the swords in the world for an unknown purpose. In the end, he is discovered and captured by Nobody, who puts him in light jail.

Appearances Edit

The Merry Life and the Merry Death (Battle of the Swords)

The Reincarnation (Battle of the Swords 2)

The Tower

Re-Reincarnation (and Dark Balls) (Battle of the Swords 3)

Link's Son

Dark Siege


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