ETs is a show by F-Toons. The plot revolves around hand-shaped, herbivorous creatures known as ETs (which, according to the producers, does not stand for extraterrestrial). They seem to live in sync with humans, the show focused around a community of ETs living in a particular backyard.


The story revolves around a community of ETs called the Republic of the Rising Sun. The story contains no main characters; ETs do not even have names. It simply continues to build upon this world as the animals face the hardships of seasons, food and water, education, and other simple things.

The story takes place in the backyard of a particular house in a suburban neighborhood. The house has a large forest behind it, about 13 yards from the house. The backyard is the main community, known as the Republic of the Rising Sun, the East, or the Back. because they are on the east side of the house. The front yard is known as Occidens (occidens is a Latin word that most likely means west or sunset in this context), the West, the Front, or the Land of the Setting Sun. To the east of them is the United Forest. Their northern border is with Yasou (Japanese for wildflower). And their southern border is with an unnamed nation they simply refer to as "the neighbors".

ET ExtrasEdit

ET: Flower's BallEdit

ET: Flower's Ball was a short book released as an unofficial add-on to the universe. It is about Drip Drought Skyflash, a young female ET in peril about her current situation.

The book is unique in that it has a naming system for ETs. ET names are comprised of a unique first name followed by their mom, then dad's name. Their original is based off of events during their time of birth.


  • The only licensed meaning for "ET" is in Secret World of ETs. According to this book, it stands for "Expersontes terra" meaning "desire all earth" in Latin. However, the book is fairly unofficial.
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