Embless' Past is an episode from season six.

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Taking place soon after Rief Makes the First Move, Rief wakes up to find Embless leaving. As Embless is going, he advises Rief and his other housemates multiple times not to go in his room. After he left, Rief went in his room. There, he finds Piechu sorting through a photo album. When Rief tries to look, Piechu pulls it away, saying he was told to guard it. Rief cleverly gives him a pie and easily takes the album.

He finds pictures of Embless at Oblivia. A lot of them have Jordan. He asks Piechu about it, who submissively explains that Embless once took a trip to Oblivia and met Jordan there. They started going out, but he had to leave, and for some odd reason when they met again at Taki Nieghborhood Jordan no longer liked him, thus explaining his depression.

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"Piechu admits a long-kept secret to Rief- and it's about Embless."

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