Embless, Rief, Tyrell, and Karis is an episode from season five.


In the episode, Embless' party falls onto the Couch, then get a room in the Cartoon House. They have trouble working out who sleeps where on the bed, since the floor is covered in slime and nothing else is present in the room. They decide on Karis sleeping on one side and Embless on the other, while Rief and Tyrell sleep in the hall.

While in the hallway, however, they see the hall cleaner, but they are locked out of their room and have nowhere to go but down the hall. The rest of the episode cannot be recalled in any sources.



Embless (debut)

Tyrell (debut)

Rief (debut)

Karis (debut)


Kobe Manson


  • This episode was actually a sort of pilot episode. The characters were quite different in the beta stages, such as Embless not being able to talk at all.


"A quiet kid, a nerd, a girl, and some dude have come to the Cartoon House."

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