(Not to be confused with Happy, a story written by Kikyo.)

Happy is a Shaymin that first appears in the short story of the same name.



Physically, Happy resembles a normal Shaymin. However, her flower is slightly more crippled looking from her torture. In the story, she is describes as "a Shaymin, delicate and shaking, her flowers crippling..."


Happy is quiet and generally doesn't do much besides sit on Ivan's head. She may telepathically communicate with him, but she has never made a sound in the actual show.


In her appearance in the short story, she is shown to Ivan to collect hapy juice from the two, who are shown to be friends. Ivan escapes with her and takes her home, naming her Happy. Later on, while Ivan is staying on a ship, they have him and Happy walk the plank. Ivan escaped onto the drill ship, but Happy is stranded on a board in the ocean. She reappears in a flower field during Torture Tuesday.


Return of the Fangirl Invasion


  • While she has never made a sound in the show, she made multiple "cries" in the story.
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