"Happy" is a short story written by Kikyo, one of the show's creator, and released on a multitude of social media sites. The story acted to foreshadow a short event that occured at the end of an episode in season ten. The show has never shown the events in the story, but the correlation between the two is obvious.


The story begins in a dark, locked room. The only person in the room is Ivan, who is so sad that "they" are collecting sad juice from him. A door is opened and an armored man brings in a small cage. He opens it, releasing a Shaymin into Ivan's lap. The two are clearly very happy to see each other, and the man collects happy juice from the event before grabbing the Shaymin and taking her away again. The two are tortured to be apart, as shown by the gushs of sad juice dripping into the container in the other end of the room.

Once the man leaves with the Shaymin, Ivan, clearly malnourished, feels his way to the glass container of sad juice. He makes a small crack in the glass, so a stream of sad juice pours out. He puts his jacket to the crack so it soaks up the juice and waits.

After hours of forcing himself to stay awake, the man reenters. Ivan quickly slips his jacket back on. He then pretends to sneeze into the jacket, in the process sucking some of the juice from the jacket. The man then released the Shaymin into his lap again. This time, Ivan pressed the Shaymin into his jacket so it drinks up the juice as well. When the man tries to suck up the sadness again, nothing happens because the sad juice has caused the two to stay sad. Angry, the man kicks the two out, calling them "expired".


  • This story is the first mention of the juices being collected in such a manner.
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