The Ignis Trio is the nickname for the group consisting of Hideyoshi, Hanbei, and Kanbei. They are sometimes called Hideyoshi's Team or Hanbei's Group. The name originates from the three's homeland, Ignis, back in Ransei.


The group first appeared in season seven, coming to live in Takeru's House. They became popular for their stories at the table. The group became the ones called on for shopping, and had their own series of episodes called the Sleepover Series.

After Takeru's House broke down, the group slowly became less important. By season ten, they were minor characters.


Tales from Ignis

Tyrell's Birthday

Overflowing 2: The Conquestors

Invasion of the Fangirls Part 1

Invasion of the Fangirls Part 2

Shopping with Hanbei


The Spirits

Valentine's Cookies


Assasinating Ranmaru

The Camping Episode

The Great Nobunaga's Ambition on Takeru's House

Sleepover 2

Drunk Marathon

Sleepover 3: The Sweet Dreams Tea

Sleepover 4: The Dream Party

Ramen Noodles

The Sick Day

The Split of Takeru's House

Cookie Syndrome

The Butlers

The Invasion of Yukimura's House

Ice Cream in the Desert

Return of the Bootie Brothers Newz

Hanbei's Illness

Magoichi's Illness

Link's Dragon

Cartoon House War

Stupid Smash Bros. Universe

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