Mario Toadstool
Show Information
Origin Mario (video game franchise)
Character Information
Family Luigi (younger brother)

Peach (wife) Mario Jr. (son)

Character Type/Status Major: Seasons 1-3?

Minor: Season 4-onward

Gender Male
Nationality Cartoon Islander
Ethnicity Italian

Mario is a recurring character in the Cartoon House series who has most likely been around since the first season. He lives in the Mushroom Kingdom part of Cartoon Island. He was also in a large series, The Mario and Lugi Show, which aired during the early days of the Cartoon House series and was even more popular than it for most of its duration. The two shows often referenced each other.



Mario is a fairly tall, plump man with an unusually large nose. He wears a red cap with his signiture M, a red shirt, brown shoes, white gloves, and overalls. His eyes are blue and his skin appears Caucasian. He speaks with a small Italian accent (not as strong as in the actual games) in a somewhat high voice.


Mario is very heroic and kind. He's very caring for his family and enjoys helping. In dumb mode, he's a pure idiot, however.




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