The Pokemon Daycare was a daycare where many different trainers dropped off their Pokemon. It was the main location in season four until it was closed down just before season five.

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Little of season four is remembered.

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It was located on the side of the Cartoon House. It was a fairly small building with a main room, nursery, and back room where the mysterious boss, who was revealed to be Zekrom, stayed.

The staff members were Allen, Lina Li, Ed, Konda, and more.

Various Pokemon, including Chimo, Den, Emboar, Surperior (Snivus), Minchino, Dew, Shawott, Chilla, Pup, Scampy, Gardevoir, Koru, Ashu, Den Jr., Yugata, Junino, Yuki, Reen, Gallade, Zoroark (Lucas'), Zoroark (Jordan's), Monferno, Victini, and many more.

Jordan turned her orphanage into a part daycare later on, making another Pokemon Daycare called Jordan's Pokemon Daycare/Orphanage.

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