Re-Marriage is a major episode from season seven.

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Some sort of government decides that Himi's marriage was not satisfactory because "the husband was unconscious during the kiss." Another wedding is set up, but anyone can also schedule a wedding at this time. Sparked by some random guy getting married to a broom, Hanbei, Hideyoshi, and tons of others got married to inanimate objects so they could get free cake.

Himi and Amiti barely have a wedding. However, the official "wedder" decides it was a fair wedding. After the wedding, Embless and Tyrell walk inside, but are stopped by Sveta, who hands Embless a letter from Jordan. He reads the letter slowly, his face slowly growing grave. Then, he disregards it completely.

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  • The unusually serious end of the episode has become a topic of debate and theory. Many people have written fanfictions on the idea.

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"Apparantly, Himi and Amiti need to get married again. Who else is getting married?"

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