Shinies are Pokemon that are unusually colored. They are very rare and sought-after, to the point where some people hurt Pokemon in in attempt to find them.

Types of ShiniesEdit


Shiny Pokemon, introduced in the actual games, are Pokemon with unusual colorations. These vary greatly. The only shiny Pokemon in the show is Shulp, a shiny Gulpin.


Albino Pokemon, created in Pokefarm, are generally primary white-colored. They're much rarer than shinies, thus some Pokemon's albino forms have never been seen.


Melanistic or "melan" Pokemon, also created in Pokefarm, are generally primarily back-colored. They're the result of a Pokemon being both shiny and albino, thus they're so rare that most melan pokemon colorations have never been seen before.


Rainbow Pokemon is a fake fourth, even rarer type. Shiny Corp made an artificial rainbow Pachirisu, but it soon died.

Methods to Obtain ShiniesEdit

Wild Shiny HuntingEdit

Wild shiny hunting is where you search through the wilderness to find feral shiny Pokemon. It is a completely legal method as long as you do not steal shinies from their parents before they're old enough, mass-kill, destroy the ecosystem, or take poor care of the caught shiny.

Mass BreedingEdit

Mass breeding is the illegal method of breeding hundreds of Pokemon until you get the shiny you want.

Shiny/Uber Charms Edit

While not on their own a method of hunting, they are used alongside mass breeding to increase the odds of finding shinies. Shiny Charms boost shiny chances, while Uber Charms boost shiny and albino chances, but are much more expensive to make. Created long ago, they were believed to be a hoax until tests in more recent history proved they actually worked. Because they were used in mass breeding, which was illegal, they were controversially banned in 2011.

Genetic ModificationEdit

Genetic modification is not yet possible to get shinies, as shiny is a genetic mutation and it is unknown how to recreate it. Testing is very difficult since it's illegal and immoral to test on Pokemon.

Artificial ShiniesEdit

Shiny Corp and other groups have attempted to make artificial shinies. Painting Pokemon used to be a method, but all good shiny buyers know to look for this first. Some people use serums to change the Pokemon's pigments, but this has limited functionality. Chimo is an artificial shiny and the only known successful one.



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