The Adept's Hand is an episode from season six.

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Embless' party was having a scary move night, but Rief didn't want to attend. So, Tyrell forced him to watch the scary movie channel later on. Meanwhile, Embless and Tyrell were talking about scary movies, which they used to watch a lot of, when Embless mentioned a movie called The Adept's Hand. Apparantly, this movie was so traumatizing that they never watched scary movies much afterwards.

Later, the two discover that The Adept's Hand has become legal in Daisekai and that it is coming on on the horror channel later. Tyrell then admits that he forced Rief to watch the horror channel. They go to save him, and find that the house is swarmed in gloom waves. Even when they run in, they find that his door is locked.

Thunderus, Tornadus, and Landorus came down at Jordan's call to help. They were immune to the waves, so they broke through the wall and then realized that they were not fully immune to the waves, but their muscles repelled a lot of the power. So, they ran away afterwards.

Embless then ran in and grabbed him and epically escaped, but the waves caused him to pass out. When Ebmless awoke, he was at the hospital. He went to see Rief, who was in the Happy Room getting Shaymin treatment.

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"A terrifying move makes its way back to the present."

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