The Adept's Hand is a movie first mentioned in the episode of the same name, The Adept's Hand.


The Adept's Hand was apparantly a very popular horror movie worldwide. Embless and Tyrell saw it when they were still living with their parents. Due to the large number of people experiencing trauma from the movie, it was banned in most places.

Many years later, it was made legal at Daisekai and even played on the horror channel, which caused yet another wave of traumatized people, including Rief. Still, Kali and Julian kept it legal, although the copies of it were limited and it never again played on TV.


The Adept's Hand is a movie, presumably made in Weyard because it involves a lot of concepts from Golden Sun. The story is about an adept who goes on an adventure with some friends to retrieve a sacred power. This power is sealed in a cave called The Adept's Temple.

After a perilous journey, the girl ends up alone in a sealed room. A creepy, decomposing man rises from the darkness and asks if she would like to recieve the power of the Adept's Hand, telling her that she is worthy. She exitedly agrees, seemingly unfazed by the zombie talking to her.

The zombie man then chops off her hand and sows on a new one: the Adept's Hand. She leaves the temple, freaked out but ready to use her new hand. However, the hand had a mind of its own. She destroys towns, kills all her friends and family, and finally goes completely insane and submits to her hand. Using its power, she is foretold to destroy all of Weyard. The movie ends upon her rising this alien to the sky and crying the famous words, "The world is ours, my sweet sorrow!"

According to Embless, "the movie is creepy because it has a really unoriginal plot and then it really suddenly becomes absolutely horrible. And sometimes when you cast psyenergy you kinda feel like your hand is doing its own thing, and that makes it even worse."


It is deputed in The Adept's Hand.

It makes a second appearance in an uncrecalled episode.


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