The End of Secrets is an episode from season five.

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Embless and Rief are working on a book in the Secret Series. They take a break, and Pit talks to them at this time. He tells them that they should stop making the series, basically. Embless and Rief, after this, walk around. In pure guilt and epiphany, they both collapse into the mud and vow to stop all the secrets.

Later, caked in mud, they return to their room and rid of all their research. Rief leaves the Secret Series in his computer, but asks libraries to hand back their copies of the books. Embless deletes the Secret Rooms after issuing a warning to make sure nobody is in them at the time. According to Embless, you can still access the hallway that connects all the rooms, but there are no doors.

With renewed spirit, the two take a walk in public. They notice people will actually get near them, and decide that ending the series was for the best.

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Ironically, this is the last episode of season five, also known as "The Secret Season".

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"Embless and Rief are tired of being hated."

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