The Merry Life and The Merry Death are a pair of swords that can turn into the ultimate sword, The Reincarnation.


These swords were first mentioned in Battle of the Swords, where Dark Ness finds them in an old legend. The Darks plan to take the two swords and use them to defeat the Lights. By tricking Light Link into pulling out the Merry Life, they pull both swords out successfully. The Darks then rush to the Skyworld and attack. During the battle, Dark Ness discovers how to create The Reincarnation. After a skirmish, Dark Pit, using Nobody and Palutena's souls to further balance himself, creates the Reincarnation from the two swords. The sword later rejects him and splits back into two swords.

The swords are mentioned many times later, but are never retrieved again.


The Merry Life is a light sword that glows brightly. The hilt appears to be made of fancily welded gold. The sword cannot be wielded by Darks unless it is pulled from its pedastal. The pedastal is in a garden in the highest cloud of the Skyworld.

The Merry Death is a dark sword that seems to suck the light from the space around it. The hilt resembles sharply cut obsidian. The sword cannot be wielded by Light unless it is pulled from its own pedestal, which is located at the furthest corned of the Dark World.

Rules of the SwordsEdit

These rules were mentioned in the Cartoon House Sword Guide.

1. The swords can only be pulled from their pedestals if they are both pulled at the same time.

2. The swords can only be pulled by those containing 75% or higher of their respected element.

3. For the swords to turn into The Reincarnation, they must be crossed above one's head. They will only combine if the wielder's soul contains a 50/50 ratio. If it doesn't, the attempt will fail, the attemper will burn to pieces, and the two swords will return to their pedestals.

4. The sword will also except one with a near perfect ratio. However, the sword will begin to reject the holder over time, toying with his/her mind.

5. If a holder of the sword changes ratio, then the sword will reject the owner, splitting back into the two swords and returning to its pedestals.


The Merry Life and the Merry Death (Battle of the Swords)

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