The Merry Life and the Merry Death (Battle of the Swords) is an episode from season five.

Plot Edit

The dark people are plotting a way to end the world. Dark Ness comes across an old legend of two sword, The Merry Life and the Merry Death. The legend goes that they are located at the lowest and highest point in the world. Only if you pull them both at once will they leave the pedestal. These swords help great power.

The dark people immediately make a plan to retrieve these swords. Nobody, Dark Link, and the Dark Mario Bros goes to the lowest point and finds the Merry Death there. Dark Pit goes up to the Light World, since nobody knew of his betrayal. He convinced Light Link quite easily to show him the Merry Life in its garden. He manages to get Light Link to try and pull it out at the same time that Dark Link pulls the Merry Death.

With the Merry Death in their hands, the Darks immediately launch an assault on the Lights. Dark Pit grabs the Merry light and joins them. A huge battle begins. The ownership of the swords switches, and seems to be a key point during the first half of the battle.

As the battle progresses, everyone gains the ability of flight because of the swords. Also, Dark Ness, who isn't a very strong fighter, continues researching the swords. The episode is abruptly left in a cliffhanger.

Characters Edit

Major Edit


Dark Pit

Dark Link

Dark Ness

Light Link

Minor Edit

Dark Mario

Dark Luigi

Light Pit


Trivia Edit

This is the first episode to lead into a second part. Many episodes afterwards follow this pattern.

Blurb Edit

"Two legendary swords are pursued by Nobody, and a great battle begins."

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