Toon Link and the Clingstick is one of two episodes recalled from season three.

Plot Edit

In the episode, Toon Link has a "clingstick" which causes him to spontaneously cling to things. When he does, he always says, "cling!" Little of the actual plot is remembered, except a moment which is later referenced to in which Link is about to dive into a pool when Toon Link clings to him. He falls into 100-foot deep water and sinks all the way to the bottom. Then, he hits Starfy at the bottom, who makes a bubble that floats him back up. When he reaches the surface, the bubble pops and he sinks again. The cycle is apparently repeated. It is possible it didn't go exactly like this, but it was similar.

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Toon Link


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"Thanks to a Clingstick, Toon Link clings to anything he sees."

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