Two Tales of Terror is a debatable minor episode from season seven.

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The episode starts off with Embless. Him, Tyrell, and Karis are surprised to discover that Takeru's House has a basement. They go exploring and find a long passageway. Curious, they follow it.

The episode then shows Mario and Luigi visiting Link. Link asks them for some advice on being a parent. They bring him to the store to have him buy some stuff for parenting.

Meanwhile, Embless' party emerges in the middle of the forest. They begin exploring until they hear the sounds of an animal moving. They follow them to find it is a Pokemon, and they stumble upon a Pokemon village.

Back with Link, the three are shopping when suddenly a food fight breaks out! It quickly turns insane: Link versus the Mario Bros. They build forts out of coffee bricks, fortify them further with bags of rice and baking soda, and stock up on coke, egg cartons, and other weapons.

Embless' team hangs around in the village. This part of the episode is unrecalled beyond the simplistics.

It shows the food fight again, which breaks into chaos as the two teams batter each other, destroying the store in their mania. After much fighting, they forfeit to each other and leave, not paying for any damage.

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"Link and the Mario Bros have a discussion, while Embless, Tyrell, and Karis have an adventure beyond the basement."

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