Zak Saturday is a character from The Cartoon House.

Details Edit

Physical Edit

Zak is a lot shorter than most other characters. He has black hair with a white tuft in the front. His skin is tinted brown due to his father being African-American[1].

Mental Edit

In his earlier episodes, he acted a bit similar to how he does in The Secret Saturdays.

In An Adventure, Zak makes his first reappearance since season two. He acts very suspicious and cryptic, and he seems to have a grudge on the characters who the show focuses on, as he attempts to poison Embless and Tyrell using cyanide and seems to be extremely bitter about being a minor character.

Biography Edit

While most of Zak's story takes place in season one, none of it is recalled.

AT some point, he moved into Taki Neighborhood and, according to him, lives alone. Also, he states that Fiskerton is dead and Komodo is missing.

On multiple occasions he attempts to kill the main characters so he can rule the show as he did long ago. In Poisoned, he nearly kills Embless and Tyrell with the aid of Dark Pit, Pit, and Sonic. Him and Dark Pit are ultimately locked in jail.

Appearances Edit

  • many unrecalled episodes of season one
  • An Adventure
  • Poisoned

Trivia Edit

  • Zak was the first "main character" of the series.

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